Tubeless tires

Setting up my mountain bike tires tubeless on my own today. Figure it will be a fun and new thing to learn.

Basically a sealant is inside the tire that prevents punctures and seals itself. I have to clean and tape inside of the rim and stuff.

Makes the wheels lighter and can run lower pressure for more traction.

This past couple months I’ve been trying to learn new skills, kind of my own vocational rehab you could call it, while I working on my mental health :blush:


Tubeless ftw, I wouldn’t run anything else.


Me new wheels, Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon MTB Wheelset. They came tubeless ready :heart_eyes:



Sweet bike 11111

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Well done. Doing your own work is the way to go. Always good to use some hand tools and to get a job done. I need to put a tube in my crappy old mountain bike. It’s not worth spending money on but have a tube lying around somewhere. A new, decent bike is on my wish list!


Sick lucky!
I’ve got a dt Swiss 240 hub and dt Swiss ex1501 on the back and just a stock Alex rim up front

I just got a new rear tire it’s a michelin wild Enduro 2.6
Never tried Michelin before it looks pretty good. 68 cad on chainreactioncycles.

I setup the back tire tubeless but my front one didn’t seat correctly so I need to get more sealant and add a bit of tape to the rim. Might also be cuz my front tire is a bit stretched from use so I gotta set it better.

Tired of paying a fortune for maxxis or schwalbe tires!

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Niiice :smiley: Did you build the wheel yourself?

I run 2.25’s on my bike since it’s primarily for XC, It climbs well but spins up on very loose terrain.
The wheels I took off had more grip on berms, It used to be like it was on rails running Maxxis Ardents. I’m adjusting to it though, just a bit wobbly coming out of the berms now :grin:

It was probably the bead that didn’t sit right on the front wheel. On the instructions given with my wheels they said not to use a tyre lever when putting on the tyre as you can damage the bead.


I always use chainreaction, they deliver to me in 2 days and returns cost half nothing since its in Northern Ireland. Just noticed you said CAD, I didn’t realise you were in Canada. When you mentioned bike parks I just presumed you were in the UK

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The bike I bought came with the wheel actually. Yep I am Canadian. Lots of mountains out here too

Nah I didn’t mean it in a negative way, Canada is really famous for trails. Are you near Whistler?

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I just pumped up my road bike tires. i was so worried they’d pop from being pinched. I didn’t ride at all last year. Excited to go this weekend. Have always wanted to mtn bike.


Do you live close to the trails? Do ye have uplifts there?

I live around 15 min drive from our local trails. I should be up there a lot more often :roll_eyes:

I have 2 trails near me. Problem is I’m too big for the paths. The trees are so close to the path. Last time I tried it, I got clotheslined a couple of times. I need a trail that is wide. I kinda stick to the roads, which is unfortunate since I bought the bike to go offroad.


That’s a shame, hopefully you find somewhere suitable.

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Yeah ive got one place 8min drive away and others around 15 to 20 mins, lots of car shuttles or climbing trails

Uplift places are about 2 to 4 hrs away

One of the car shuttles we regularly do is about an 800 meter vertical descent.

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Sweet :smiley: I’d love to have that on my doorstep

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I just checked and season 2 of the privateer is out.

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That’s a great series

Mine is bone stock except for pedals and handle bar. I wish I had the money to customize it. I would really like a single crank like they put on the new stumpjumper that replaced my bike.


That’s one serious looking machine @anon31257746

Always liked Specialized bikes, my first mountain bike was a hardrock @nfy


Thanks, yeah it’s built to take a beating lol. Surprisingly it’s still pretty light.
I used Strava for the first time in a long time today, I’m trying to lose some weight so I started doing a little climbing loop with some fast downhill. My uphill was very slow lol but it said my top speed on one trail was 54.7kmh :see_no_evil:.

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