I got a flat tire

Have not been able to ride my bicycle now because I got a flat tire. It seems to happen always once a year in summer. I should get my bicycle back in two days. I feel a little depressed.


You’ll get your bike back soon. Hope you feel okay til then @mjseu. Best wishes.


That’s a shame, I know you like cycling.


You’ll be back out there riding in no time!


I got my brand new bike and pumped up the tires to the recommended 100psi and one just popped in my living room. Hadn’t even ridden the bloody thing and had to walk up the road to a cycle shop and buy a new tube. Got onto the manufacturer and they blew me off because it was a cheap bike and I get that but person in bike store said it happens because the tyre wasn’t seated properly. Bought two tubes just in case and touch wood I’ve had it 6 months and no more blow outs!


same thing happened to me


It’s always nice to hear about your bike :bike: rides.

So good of you to ride your bike as you do.

Seems like you are handling it well though and you will soon be back on your bike.

I used to ride my bike with my old dog in the bike bag in front of the handles.

That was before I had my license and in Sweden.

In Australia they ride on the side of the road and it’s so dangerous.

Don’t think I would dare.

In Sweden they have bicycle tracks .

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I got my bicycle back today, so a flat tire is fixed.


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