Trying to think of my social needs!

the internet has replaced real friendships for me. i used to have lots of friends when i was in school and until my mid 20’s. but i’ve been flying solo for awhile now, other than seeing family. i don’t have any urge to go out and make lots of friends anymore. i feel like what social interaction i have will be dependent on me working or my hobbies.

the thing is, i don’t want the commitments from friendships, like getting invited to bbq’s or parties or weddings etc. i would rather just be friendly to people i meet without giving up any of my free time on the weekends.

so i think all i need, is family interaction and a little socializing at work or whatever and i will be good, plus the internet of course haha.

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I need in person relationships. Online just doesn’t cut it for me

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yeah, i’ve learned that recently, these past 4 years, that i can only socialize for about an hour in real life. i used to just hang out and waste time for hours when i was younger. i don’t really do that anymore, but cut things short.

online i can come and go. i do want real life relationships, but i want them to be more focused, like work friends or whatever. i want no part of dinner parties or whatever anymore.

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I have a friend like that. She is comfortable living and being alone. But she likes to go out with people once in a while

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I’m in the exact same situation, flying solo for over a decade. I had lots of friends in primary, secondary and University into my 20’s. But now I have no friends that I can call and hang out with. I didn’t have a falling out with all of them or anything, just lost contact after school, they all got married and moved away, I developed schizophrenia. Now I just socialize with my immediate family. I socialize a little at work.

At first it bothered me that I had no more friends, but now I am use to it and kind of like it. I have no social commitments. But I am also older now, 43, so fitting in and have lots of friends just doesn’t seem as important to me anymore as it did when I was a teenager.


I’d like to have some friends but I can’t keep a conversation going. I’ve also had really bad experiences hanging out with bad people in the past. I wasn’t good at picking friends when I was younger. I was willing to be friends with anyone back then but that was really foolish of me.


I’ve as good as given up on socialising IRL. Most of my attempts have been with others with MI,and have been varying degrees of failure.

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This has ruined my experience also

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