How is your social life?

Do you have real life friends?
Do you meet people for joint activities?

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I have real life friends,

But I really don’t get out much to see them.

I live with my husband so that really is the majority of my social interactions.

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I relate to things as if they were people. I can work on a thing a little. People still blow me away too much for a relationship.

I was socializing more when I went to class, but since that causes me intense stress and because I’m withdrawing, I quit doing that. Now my socialization irl just involves my boyfriend, soon to include my dad, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend when I move back home.

My real life friends are all in my undergrad college’s town. I only ever hung out with one of them after a while, anyway…

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Just support group aside from family. Usually there’s a max of 2 other people in support group. But we used to have more.
Perhaps the one lady who I think is about my moms age might want to be friends, as we often talk before group.
I have 2 friends online who have shown interest in meeting me in person.

I mainly socialize on the internet. But my alters keep me company too.

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No, I dont have any friends or social life, now Im sad.


A little bit of this and that. I currently live with my mom, stepdad and sister. I got 2 best friends (my only friends) that live nearby but one is always busy with motorcycle events and the other is a slave to his farm owning, store owning, german evil dictator mom and he tends to disappear randomly too for some time lol. Social life is alright. I get enough interactions on a day to day basis

I live with my parents and go to university. I socialize in neither of the two places.

I live with my mom. I don’t have friends, except her. My social life is on Sundays at church.


I live in an apartment complex with a lot of older people, older than 75 most of them. I’m very happy here even though this place is extraordinarily expensive. That’s the only drawback. I have lots of social opportunities.

No friends. No social activities.


Have my own place but most of my family is in walking distance. I have one longtime friend though she has about two decades on me.

Sort of want to begin dating again but not sure if it would be fair to the other person when I get in my depressive funks. The last fellow was understanding but that little fling sapped most of my energy.

I’m close with my parents and siblings. A couple of times a year I see some of my relatives. I’ve joined a club where I’m making acquaintances but I don’t hang out with them outside of club functions. I’ve made one friend in my major but we mostly just talk about school and have only had lunch on campus together a couple of times. Sometimes I go to church with my parents a couple of times a year. I could have gone today but was too tired.

It is non-existent

I think I’m getting over my lack of social life. I just want to spend my time making money and relaxing. it used to bother me, even recently, but at the moment i’m at peace with it.

I have friends, but I don’t see them for a while. Now that I’m better of my sciatica, I’m going to see my friends.

I have friends I guess I just get enough social interaction at work and am so busy outside of work I don’t much care to spend my extra time hanging out with people :disappointed: So I seem like a recluse to my parents but I mean my whole job is highly social so it drains me.

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My social life is like unicorns, because it doesnt exist.


With the exception of seeing family, getting my hair cut, church or meeting my care coordinator, I find myself in social situations 2x a week or everyday at the gym.

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