Trying to make me feel better or making fun of me

yesterday I was over with my partner in my in laws house. they noticed I was staring by the stair case and my partner told them I must be seeing shadow people again and so my mother in law went over to the stairs and yelled at the shadow person. didn’t make him go away until he jumped into the wall.


Trying to make you feel better! That was nice. My son will do that for me at night if I have to go outside. It is funny to watch him cause he doesn’t see them and most time is totally in the wrong area or direction. But it is sweet. Maybe your partner had a talk with her parents and they are trying to make you feel more welcome.

yeah maybe, i’m still skeptical. but her effort is appreciated. she called the phone company and fixed my phone too. I just didn’t know what to think. my father in law thanked me for taking out the trash, maybe I entered the twilight zone.

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Sounds like your partner stuck up for you when you weren’t around and they realize how hard you have had it there. It probably won’t last long so love it while you can. After a few days to weeks people usually go back to the same ole’ same they can’t help it.

yeah i’m waiting for it to be over. shouldn’t take long. probably will be back to the same stuff Friday. my partner gets paid and they get paid at the same time so they will go out and shop and leave me at home alone.

sounds funny. sounds like they care

It seems like your in laws give one to take two away, they’re nice sometimes to keep you doing stuff for them, and then treat you like crap when you do.

I’m rooting for you to get out of that environment soon.


yeah I figured that was their plan. the kids want me to go to the fair with them but I can’t keep up since i’m still having trouble with my ankle.