Trying supplements for fatigue and agitation

I had severe fatigue and intense agitation from my Amisulpride. These feelings of fatigue and agitation made me very low productive in doing intelligent work such as reading and writing. I am now trying the combination of Vitamin B12, citicoline, and grape seeds. I got headaches from citicoline and got extreme dizziness from grape seeds before. But I don’t want to give up. Now I take 1/4 capsule of citicoline and 1/2 capsule of grape seeds each day. So far so good as the feeling of fatigue was almost gone and the agitation mitigated. Recently I could sit still reading for longer time. Hopefully the half dose of grape seeds will not give me dizziness in the end. Last time I got a severe dizziness after taking grape seeds continuousl for 2 weeks.

My fingers are crossed.


did you try other aps?


Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

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Are you talking about grape seed extract or actual grape seeds?

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it is grape seeds extract.

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Yes, I have tried risperidol, invega, seroquel, and zyprex.

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Are you allergic to choline?

I think so. I was allegic to many stuff, such as amino acids , cholines.

I’m too I am allergic to choline for several years
Since I got sick in 2013

I’ve never thought of taking supplements for my chronic fatigue so I’m not so informed about them.

What I do is to maintain my activity levels, meaning that I do pace myself although I try not to rest all day. Plus, physical exercise. Though I don’t think my fatigue is muscular but neurological, I think it helps.

One more thing is that I’m reaching 40 next year and I think age has also come into play. So physical exercise becomes even more important.

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I agree. Mine is also neurological and that’s why taking citicoline is so important to me.

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I’ll look into that. Does that need doctor’s prescription?

No, I bought it online from iHerb.

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It’s thought that chronic fatigue may be due, in part, to a dysfunction of our mitochondria. Mitochondria are the site of energy production for our cells, so it makes sense. Some supplements to look into would be CoQ10, L-carnitine, and B vitamins. Definitely look for a water and fat-soluble form of CoQ10 for better absorption.


I loved CoQ10 the one time I took it. I had so much energy. Then I read up on the drug interactions it had. It interacted with my Propranolol so I couldn’t take it anymore. I wish I could take it though. I’m with ya @kgkc465

There is evidence that Propranolol and other beta-blockers can lower CoQ10 levels, but I’ve never heard of CoQ10 having a negative impact on beta-blockers.

U of Maryland has an article on it here: health/medical/altmed/supplement-interaction/possible-interactions-with-coenzyme-q10. (I put a space after /edu b/c I can’t post links).

You should of course check with your prescribing doc to be sure!

I am allergic to choline😂From the age of 14

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