Trying old things

Today is Saturday night where I’m sitting and in the recovery forum I stated that I was going to try and get my love old activities back. Early this morning my middle brother, my kid sis and myself decided to go camping.

It is raining like no other. Sitting there in the rain just made me remember the tent cities I used to haunt and the months I spent homeless. Then I started getting really depressed and upset. I was telling my middle brother how cold I was feeling on the inside, and how much I needed a drink. That sneaky brained thinking. It just kept hitting me. My brain was just using every trick it could to try and find some alcohol.

My bro and kid sis checked us into a small hotel and after a warm bath, a meal and getting out of the rain I felt a lot better. But I’m hoping that it’s just the bad weather and not the act of camping that got me into that head space.

I’m really hoping my old love of camping will come back. I will try this again. Just when it warms up.

What do others do to try and get back interest that they have lost?


camping in the cold and rain is never fun, so i admire you for doing it, and it is not surprising it was triggering.
but give yourself a pat on the back for doing it, i always admire your tenacity.
take care

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I’m trying to rekindle my interest in going back to church. I was raised in church until I was 18. I served as the pianist and music director for my church for many years. And I had a lot of good relationships there.

Last Sunday, I went to a luncheon at a church that’s within walking distance to me. I met so many good, kind people. And it felt good to be part of an in-person group again.

So I’m going to try to go back again next Sunday, for morning service. I’m really hoping it’s a good fit for me.





Thank you for that… I really didn’t expect to hit that wall of depression so quick. But my middle brother was oddly ver patient and cool with me about this. In that past that wouldn’t have happened. His patience, a warm bath, a good meal and my meds really helped pull me out of it. It took a few hours, but I’m feeling a lot more stable.


Very cool for you to get out and get into a group. I’m glad you met some more people. You are really doing well. From working up to just walking a mile a day to five miles, to meeting new people and now large groups. You are really kicking this in the butt. Very cool. I’m really happy to hear that you had a good time. I do hope you go back and meet more nice people.


I visit goodwill. It’s a thrift shop for those unfortunate enough to not have them.
Such a funk over my head until i was disappearing into a deep bin of picture frames and such, when there it appeared at the very bottom.
Yes, it was my newest sunshine, a silly toaster shaped clock,complete with popped up toast, and 3 metal strings of steam rising above.
Makes me remember why there is life.

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