True insanity

It was never us, not in the least.

True insanity was always expressed by them.

Saw it online today, found out that there was an experiement in the soviet places of the world once where they were trying to keep dog’s heads alive without a body, i think they were somewhat successful, if such a thing could be considered a success anyway.

Thats true insanity right there, and they are very sick, they even share one of our most prevalent symptoms in not being able to realize they are sick.

When you are trying to keep nothing but heads alive you have lost your freaking minds entirely and more likely than not should just be destroyed.

They say. “See? Never grew up. This heads thing you are talking about, it’s childishness mostly, it’s doing something simply because it’s there, like a kid, he just does it because it’s in front of his face. Purely unwise in every way experiments like these.”

“When people come out of that darkness and look back they will gasp at themselves and what they truly were, something they aren’t usually able to see, they think there are actual reasons for it, see?” They say.

“Science be praised!” They sarcastically jeer.

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As opposed to false insanity?

What fun would just the head be? Bet there would be nothing but a bunch of bird talk going on…Pass!

Wonder if you would have to feed the mouth? Would the brain think it were hungry? Wonder if you have to put the head in a planter and water it to keep all the squishy parts from drying out?

if you are in the carriages behind , " jump !"…i’m driving the ’ insane train ', and i’m going off a cliff…
take care

They don’t let you jump, i don’t know if people knew that, you can’t get off the train, they won’t let you off.

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thats because all the patients are tied to the seats…lol
take care