Trouble Focusing

When I am in psychosis - which I seem to go back and forth in very frequently - I can’t focus. I’m unable to read an article, book, watch a movie and similar things. For example, I was given a movie card and can’t sit through any movies. I get very anxious because I am in survival mode and go smoke, use the bathroom or get a snack. It was so bad my mom and I had to leave the theater an hour early when we were watching revenant. I was disappointed, I have been wanting to watch it since I first seen the previews.


I feel sorry for you because I know what this is like @Tyme … I dont even bother trying to watch tv anymore. … never mind.

Kate xxx

I also cant Watch or understand the plot of any movie or series, book included!
except if they are easy to get but even there my attention span doesnt last, to take your problem i also cant go to the movie théâters anymore because i get bored from not paying much attention but thats only the tip of the iceberg i guess

i get a lot of problems with my eyes

i wish others could post here please share your thoughts!

Thats a cognitive deficit–vigilance and attention. For me I went through a stage where tv and movies seemed to be twice as long as the indicated time span.

Sz gives you really bad adhd. Pharma companies are trying to create drugs which improve our cognition. Unfortunately this is taking a very long time and well most likely be old and grey before it happens.

Getting better at movies but find short documentarys easier to watch. Try watching a movie when you first get up in the morning, it’s usually easier for me to stay interested. Also was taking Artan or Cogenton and they made my concentration bad so I rarely take them. I found that I now would rather be working on some projects than watching TV plus it’s better for me.

@Reggie, you should read this

Are you taking Wellbutrin? I was on that and my vision started getting blurry. Once I stopped taking it my vision cleared up.

no, its always been more than just my eyesight when talking about my focus, its more about having a relaxed brain, but my eyes are also pretty bad and now i have bleparitis as well, have had some sores in my eyes and also sensitivity to light.

I understand your pain…