Trouble Breathing

I’m having a difficult time taking air in. I think it’s because of my body fat getting in the way of my lungs. It’s annoying.

can you open a window or put a fan on or something? if you are really worried maybe talk to a doctor or get a check up

you need to see your doctor about possibly being put on an oxygen feed. I just met a guy who has to carry a tank with him. Just saying something to consider. that must be horrible. !

Oxygen feeds are bad, you grow dependent on them. I would advise seeing a doctor to rule out any medical problems. If none are found, diet and light exercise.

I feel for ya – I’ve had trouble breathing ever since I tried to commit suicide by asphyxiation a couple years ago, and it suuucks. It’s like I try to breathe in but it doesn’t feel like any air is going in.

Anyway, I hope you find a solution soon.

I’ll try diet and exercise, neat song

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