Tried a cbd joint

Tried it for first time today. I didnt notice anything from it. It was 60mg cbd and I smoked it all at once.

just hurt ma lungs lol.

I get way more relaxing result from L-theanine


It works … it suppose to make you calmer and relaxed but not high… try hitting a CBD vape pen or some concentrates you’ll definitely feel the difference.

It’s also hella expensive if you don’t have some kind of discount

it didnt do zilch for me man. id probably have to smoke 10 of them. i also tried the oils.

It’s really helped me with nightmares, and pain, its different for everybody but Im so thankful for it.


@levelj1: what strain was it? the catch-22 with cbd is you need to have thc to activate the cbd. I’ve smoked cbd only and similar to you, didn’t notice any difference. I’ve also had some that gave me anxiety relief.

1 Like got concentrates you can dab and vape carts plus the infamous delta 8

Plus they got a disability discount

(This is not an attempt to shill for them this is not an ad I’m actually vouching for them )

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It was called cannatonic by tantalus

Yeah I guess it’s like meds. It doesn’t work for everyone


“I’ll go to the loony bin with you” lmao

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my favorite scene from that movie. ah man older comedies are the best lol

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