Treating father with paranoid schizophrenia

I can feel it i can feel my dad
I can hear what he hears i can see what he sees
My father suffer a delusional overthinking
He like to sleep alone with main door locked with 2 locks and sleeping room with other 2 locks he tend to speak angry about stuff and like he just cant stare in ur eyes
Would turning radio in corrupt station help?
Would be talking to him while my face is facing the wall?
Would i mumble and whisper then talk normal back?
Would i change topics randomly talking to him?

Hi @Valhalla I’m not quite following what you’re trying to say. Is your father diagnosed with schizophrenia?

He is yes paranoid one i can help him but he dont Trust me he thinks that i want to harm him

my father has schizoaffective disorder, so do I. we have different sub types but same symptoms over lap. he is extremely paranoid especially after drinking. he always thinks my mom is cheating I don’t see how when she is never alone. my dad and brother are always around her. anyway, parents with mental illnesses are tough to grow up with. my father had schizoaffective disorder, my mother has depression and my brother has bipolar disorder with adhd and autism. i’m not saying its a competition Im just saying I understand.

Are you here on the forum specifically for your father, or are you also diagnosed?

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Moderators will probably refer you over to the family forum? I wonder why they haven’t already.

Because he she seems sz…also cool name @Valhalla