Traveling by ship

Has anyone traveled, like going on a plane or ship while having SZ? My parents are going on a cruise, and asked me if I could go along for a week. Part of me wants to go, but I am concerned and have a lot of fears - the crowds, the restaurants, noise, excitement - it might be too much for me. I have not traveled in years. Any tips or advice would be appreciated

Every time I turn on CNN it’s usually about a flu outbreak on a ship. Make sure you bring plenty of hand sanitizers, hand wipes, Lysol disinfectant, gravol pills. :ship: :boat:

i admire you if you do go, for me i wouldn’t do it, it would be the inability to get away from all the people, my sister in law went on one recently just up the east coast of australia, she was rather disappointed .
it depends who you go with and what the crowd is like on the ship i suppose.
take care

I guess I can stay in the room a lot - I dont have to venture around too much, it would be nice to see the ocean, have not seen it in years

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I chickened out, I’m not going - maybe I can take a short weekend trip somewhere close on land, 2 days or so :chicken: :scream:


Oh, is it too late to go?
I absolutely HATE crowds and so resisted a cruise my husband wanted to take to the Bahamas, but, naturally, he won.
Turned into one of the best vacations I recall. The staff of the cruise made it great, plus you could eat delicious food all day long.
When it docked at Freeport, we stayed on.

I flew across the country a few times with my dad… But no one knew I was ill. Even so, I couldn’t go out of the hotel room a couple times. Flying was no trouble though.

I’ve been too afraid to fly, but that is on my to tackle list.

I’ve been in hotels and done Ok. A ship is a lot like that. You can stay in the cabin. For me it would be better then being alone at home for that long.

I do hope you try for the short land trip. Good luck.

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Hi J, no my aunt would be staying with me - I really am sick of the paranoia I feel everyday
Thanks, I will try the short land trip at some point

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I’m sorry this is keeping you from giving stuff a try. But I am glad your Aunt is staying with you. I too do not do well alone.

I hope that you and she at least make it out for a small day trip maybe. She sounded really nice when you last mentioned her.

Yeah the cruise would be too much for me now in my life, but I can shoot for going on a small excursion maybe an hour away for a couple of nights- see how I do. Maybe with my folks and my aunt or brother, if the old sourpuss is up to it

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Just a question… Do you like to camp?

I dont like bugs on me, especially tics lol