-(Transient Revolutionary Thought Philosophers)-

Computer Situation Revisiting

(Hello ,

I posted this on a mental illness website that I became banned from ,

I was/am curious on any kind of responses from this old topic ,

I wasn’t on any meds during this tyme and I was within a ,

within ah static “revolution” with my sitting and slow soft breathing as I typed ,

and also worried about being killed as I focused on what I considered to be an interesting question ,

I won’t mention the site cause im not trying to start anything negative here ,

but I still haven’t gotten over being banned there ,

if anyone is interested in the music I posted there ,

then feel free to ask me to try and post it here …

n e hoo have a safe mourning noon or night) :wink:

Transient Revolutionary Thought Philosophers

Posted 03 June 2013

apologies if the title offends ur sensibilities…also apologies for posting a topic pretty much the nextr day after joing the site…

(scene 2 (or) 3) - (acceptance & forgiveness)

i have found that in my youth i spent a major amount of time hiding from ‘truth’ or looking at it, or whatever (so hip, so cool) j/k*

i think the truth has the ability to be more freeing from chains and such then a comfortable lie, u see i have found that when enveloped in a webbing of never-ending lies and stuff, it has caused a darkness from my pupils that never seemed to be able to shrink to normal size…

it was so LSD bro, honestly after pretty much tripping over & into slight/sorta/possible/difference/‘truth’ or -n.e.w.- ‘truth’, the webbing all of a sudden became non-existent & i found a nice fresh of breath air, while feeling my own space coffin to be a little more restful with (currently) seeming endless fountain of being able to just talk massive amount of ■■■■, & finally let the tip-toe go…

apologies again if none of this makes any sense, but im sure u have sensed urself a darkness that u didnt completely understand, well, my friend u are probably being lied to, hopefully its not by a massive* group of shifty individuals, and hopefully u will be able to get it all sorted and u can get back with or around folks who arent ‘trendy’ revolutionary transient thought philosophers with the intent to confuse distort and control ur sphere of reality…

unlike myself i would suggest a sorta ‘mums the word’ approach

but to get back on topic i suppose my queston to others who have schizophrenia (and anyone else) is,

Do you feel as if your self awareness and the way you percieve your reality to be something that goes through a constant cycle of change??

(thank u in advance for any replies!!) - (thee end)

ok so that is what I typed as I was not sleeping not tired not taking meds and ready to fynd out about “mental static” ,

within tha groups of schizophrenia ,

if you would lyke to see tha responses then feel free to ask to see them and I will hunt it down and post it for ya ,

and if this all is boring and stoops to ya ,

please don’t hurt mah feelinGs , :wink:

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Give up tripping bro it makes no sense but to you but it’s all chemical!

If you don’t think it’s brain chemistry then you may be in trouble…You don’t try and make sense with a person who’se tripping…you just make it a cool place for them to trip…

Seriously. Schizophrenia is much the same!

It’s like the serious drunkard…they are fun to be around while your drunk. Not so much fun when your the only sober person in the room. Trippers are the same!

Seriously. STreet drugs are bad…so says Mr Garrisson!

A friend in the struggle,


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hmm ,

well ,

are you joking around about my “LSD” joke type thanG ??? ,

I wasn’t on any drugs when I typed that ,

I have smoked weed and done lsd before when I was young ,

but I wasn’t high when I wrote that ,

unless you are jus joking and I am being reelie dumb …

n e hoo its kinda kool to shee you again ,

I can’t remember the name of tha site but ,

hey whats up … haha jus kidding ,

but it is kool to shee a familiar name …

wait I re-read ,

when I said that “tripping” ,

I jus meant lyke I fell into it symbolically …

People with sz have been known to have a weak sense of self , so self awareness can change I’d assume.

Besides that , what you wrote seems rather jumbled up dude, doesn’t make any sense lol

well i’ll be damned …

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