Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) for the Treatment of Auditory Halluncinations

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a technique for modulating brain function and performance on cognitive tasks through the application of a constant low current to corresponding regions of the scalp, and how this treatment works in helping patients who have auditory hallucinations

Treatment of auditory hallucination
1-we should using the term "deal with " / "adapt with "or “crippling effectiveness” or
"time out ",instead of term "treatment "

  • process of hearing the voices " whatever the source " is not a symptoms of disease in itself
    -the heard voice is not a symptoms of disease
    so that you should not using term "treatment "
    2- the psychiatry researchers have not the methods,
    ways, or devices to block /repression or muteness the audible vocal thoughts
    -the science have not know how can prevent the emission of voices,but
    it so easy to obstruction the pathways of the voices by self-intervention
    2- the possible means, is to crippling the effectiveness of heard voices
    to make it as a temporary contrivance "for a while of time ,not forever "

the important question at all
what is root origin of the audible voices ?

Auditory hallucinations
Is a fantastic term,because it is creating a false impression in the mind of reader

1-the basic process,is not only listen to a voices,because it is lead to repeat the
hearer to the content of the heard voices
2- the main goal of the process is to repeating the content of the heard vocal message