Trance States?

This is A question I found on Yahoo Answers it Says All What I Want to Explain … Any One Know The Scientific Term that describes Those Trance States ??? Have you Experienced Something like this ???


Is there a word for this trance like state experienced in psychosis?
I know what a psychotic episode is like and I have an understanding of sleep walking. But this is downright weird. The person is awake but it’s like their actions are being driven by someone else as in mind control and they aren’t aware of it. Like one minute their doing work and suddenly they drop everything and walk out the door in a trance like state. They aren’t aware of their actions, it’s almost like dissociating. Is there a word for it? Because I’m having a hard time explaining it.

Psychosis itself is the term to describe it as far as I know. I could be wrong.

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I am no psychologist but to me it sounds like dissassociating

Do you mean this?


yes thats the sort of thing I think it sounds like.

Wow that’s interesting. I had this years ago. I walked out of the house and didn’t return until hours later. I know I was in some form of psychosis but didn’t know the name of it. I walked into people’s houses and tried to open car doors. Thats the part I can remember, I thank the lord I wasn’t shot or arrested.

Can be really bad sign if you see someone close with glassy eyes and doing something ‘wrong there’…Need to intervene, may not have slept enough. Don’t let them leave house or get in car. Better off trying to get them to sleep.

Seen this 3 times in my life with person being hijacked & some even got in trouble, try to keep them close for a while and see if they start following orders from voices, talk to self aloud or going to meet with stranger. Coworker went off with a stranger and totally abandoned her family and talking nutty about him, quit her job and just left looking half out of it all the time…Maybe he did some recreational drugs with her.

Also seen kids go glassy eyed, need to keep close watch on them. They are having a psychotic episode sometimes & will do something dangerous. Kid needs to be supervised if you have one like this…Older sibling or babysitter.