Training my service dog

Just a happy little progress update about training my service dog.

Her name is Julia she is a 9 month old poodle golden mix.

Just started another round of dog training obedience classes to help with her other dog distraction and I’m happy to report she’s top of her class in skills just gotta get over the distraction piece.

Continuing to socialize and take her with me to dog friendly stores not yet onto not dog friendly stores as of yet.

Task training has been great. She’s now trained that whenever my legs start to shake or I’m sitting and my legs start to bounce for her to put a paw on my leg to interrupt me and remind me to take my anxiety meds before it escalated into a panic attack.

Here’s a picture of my cutie in her working vest. I got that top patch custom made with the silver schizophrenia awareness ribbon on it.


Very cool! Kudos to your little one for hitting the top of her class!


Julia is beautiful!
Yes, Kudos to you and Julia.


It sounds like you and Julia make a great team. Julia is very cute and smart too, based on her top performance in obedience class. I really like the patch on the top of her vest.


She’s a cutie. I hope you may have many happy years together.


Nice. My dog is just an old family dog but still cute.


Awww - that’s awesome. I’m also training training my service dog myself.

Are you worried going out you will get a lot of attention from people. They come up to say hi to dog or ask about her. I need to avoid people. Not sure if I can get mine trained to help me deal with people. I don’t think its possible to make me talk to people.

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Maybe you can train her to scare other people away :smile:

@Jonathan2 I am serious, but that was humorous.

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This is my second dog going through service training. My first I was a lot younger and I got tons of attention about it.

She’s only 9 months old so I haven’t started taking her places like Walmart yet. When she wears her vest to petsmart and Home Depot we get lots of stares it’s just something you’ll have to get used to. You’ll also have to get used to people coming up and petting your dog without asking. I simply state to them “please don’t pet her she’s working” and go about my day.

What kind of dog do you have @Kxev?


Good luck and cool!


I have a chihuahua - been training for 6 months. He is 9 mos old. And right got him to walk off leash and stay by me always. A lot of basic good behaviors. Stopped barking at other dog walkers across the street. Doesn’t bark at neighbor dogs barking. Can’t train him around people yet cause I avoid people. I want to train him what Julia can do for you with medications.

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Best wishes to Julia and you @Hanna_Foxx. Happy for the two of you.


What a little cutie! :heart_eyes:

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That’s great! Love the patch on the vest! Great idea :slight_smile:

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That’s great @Kxev if you have any questions about how I trained her to alert just let me know

Thats truly amazing.

And she looks awesome



Wow, that is awesome! She’s super cute. I really like the extra patch that you mentioned, “Not all disabilities are visible.”

I hope Julia is a huge help to you. :relaxed:

Working With My Service Dog In Training On Down Stay

In case anyone wanted to see her more this was from today

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