Traditional medicine

Has any one tried any kind of traditional medicine or healing?

I think there is a wide range of things that falls under traditional medicine. I tried nutrition, herbs and cupping (Chinese med).

The herbs i tried were helpful, some of them, but they too had a lot of side effects. I felt like i nor my herbalist really knew what we were doing. So i decided to just solve my problems instead of suppress them. I only use saffron still, on rare occasions. It helps against anxiety and depression (shouldnt be combined with antidepressant).

The cupping afaik just caused huge ugly circles on my back temporarily.

I try to stay away from all the “spiritual” healing stuff because it doesnt fit my faith and it scares me. E.g. someone proposed i do a 3 week shamanistic ayahuasca healing against sz, but that seemed like a pretty risky undertaking. My mind is crazy enough without hallucinogens.

Nutritional healing i should try again. Good food is the start of being healthy, though it doesnt cure everything.

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If there was strong evidence for alternative medicine working - it would be adapted into medicine/care.

I used to believe that the answers were out there but were being wilfully ignored for sake of generating greater profits. But honestly I think its too complicated and far-fetched of a theory these days.


I have always cast aside the idea of vitamins and all that actually making a difference for people with chronic mental health issues. But I’ve been dissuaded recently. I tried valerian root for my anxiety and it actually has made an improvement. My psychiatrist recommended it to me.