I searched and didn't find this mentioned, ancient schizophrenia treatments

if you are thinking about ancient treatments for schizophrenia here are some.

the native American Indians, specifically the Navajo called schizophrenia ghost illness and ghost sickness. It was thought to be caused by improper burial of the dead. the treatment was to use spirit guides and by the way they are described, they are the pleasant voices who are very loving and positive. usually most voices are negative but a few hallucinations are actually pleasant. figure out how to trigger them is their advice.

that one didn’t cure me, but it was less stressful.

traditional Chinese medicine says to use ginkgo biloba to treat schizophrenia. the NIH says ginkgo biloba ameliorates (improves) schizophrenia if used with an antipsychotic. I tried ginkgo, it didn’t do a single thing.

the best ancient schizophrenia treatment that the cavemen used to apply: do nothing.

honestly very primitive, but was remarkable at the time. thank gosh that treatment isn’t applied today.

No actually some of them would crack our skulls open with rocks to let them out.

Like they were trapped in there.

yeah, my brother told me about that. not just caveman, but at some point in time, people were drilling holes into other people’s skulls because they thought they could take the MI out (like as if the MI was a gas or something I think.)

some people also thought MI was another term for demon-possession.

but yeah, these are all theories.

Lol when you mentioned ancient sz cures I was thinking violent exorcisms that usually ended in death. Or how about ice showers and other “shock therapies” supposedly designed to scare the illness away (like hiccups! dear lord)

Overall I’m rather glad to be living in this time era. I’d probably be definitely burned as a witch, exorcised to death or locked away my entire life if I wasn’t @.@ Can’t wait to see what new innovations the future brings. Maybe 200 years from now the antipsychotics we use now will be considered barbaric/inhumane, who knows.


One thing we know for sure is that things change over time. There will, undoubtedly, be better ways to treat SZ and all other mental disorders than we have today. I am also very grateful I live now and not in a time when they would burn me like a witch, lock me in an asylum, give me a lobotomy or ‘shock’ me. Phew! Good lord. I’d rather take my Risperidone any day of the week.

I took acupuncture when I first started hearing voices. He gave me Chinese medicine, bupleurum and dragon bone capsules. It helped a little only while I took it in high doses. Chinese used to used dinosaur bones in medicine, although I think nowadays it is chicken bones.

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