Tough situation


My husbands ex wife has no power now. She and my stepdaughter have no where to go. The temp where they are is -35F. Ex wife’s mom also doesn’t have power, and ex wife’s sister is severely physically and mentally challenged and can’t be moved. What to do? Sister has to be moved by ambulance. Do we have to have them all in our little home? It’s a possibility. I’m not happy about it. But what else can we do for these 4 people but have them here?! We’re trying to figure out what to do


What about a hotel? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I agree with @GrayBear,

They should get a hotel.

If they can’t afford it,

I suppose you could take them in your house,

But be prepared for the chaos that will surly ensue.


They say they can’t afford a hotel. They’re all on Medicaid. On the other hand $1000/ month goes to ex wife for daughter and somehow doesn’t get counted as income even though disability outcome affects our income limit. Stupid.


I’d have them call 911 and find out if they’ve set up shelters anywhere.


bring them in! theyre family and close relatives you pretty much have no choice IMO…it could end up being a good thing and bringing yall together. The ambulance should be called too. theres someone with a severe mental/physical disability who is in danger of cold exposure and is especially vulnerable and needs to be brought somewhere safe ASAP… maybe they can figure something longterm after but for now if yours is the only place then id say, so be it


Good idea @chordy. They can have an ambulance transport sister there.


@KevonThePoet. Do you think Medicaid will cover the ambulance transport? I hope so


Guess in that weather you have to take them in could be rough though


hmm im not sure i dont live in america so i wouldnt know…i hope they do and i think the ought to but i dont know how medicaid works


Is there anywhere they can go for help perhaps a local shelter? Maybe place an ad on craigslist asking for help explaining the situation?


Do you have room for them? I have a big house but all the spare bedrooms are upstairs. So no good for old folks.


That’s what I’m thinking. I made the offer. Will see what happens


Just seen on the news cold is expected to stay for a few days


I have a small house. But we have an extra bed mentally and physically challenged sister can sleep in since my 18 year old is at her boyfriend’s tonight. Sister-in-laws mom can sleep with her. The ex can sleep on the couch. We made the offer. We’ll see.


That was very kind of you. The power won’t be out forever.


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