Tornado four hours

It isn’t strong winds yet but we are supposed to get large hail…I hate that for the outdoor homeless and animals…anyways…if we lose power that’s why I won’t be online for a few days…


That’s beautiful that you are thoughtful and caring for homeless and animals.

Maybe the local community centre or church will stay open for them.

Everyone should have food and water and shelter and healthcare.
The government should open a place up for homeless to shelter during tornado.

We should take care of each other and be kind.:pray:t4:

Hope you also get through it smoothly n drama free.

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one of the local homeless I see at the grocery store parking lot was under the covered walkway to the store with his wee dog. broke my heart…I wish all the homeless and animals a safe place.

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Hopefully everything is OK @jukebox

When I was a child, I lived in the midwest. Once a tornado came within a mile of our house. it was very scary. We did have a basement but all the basement rooms had those small casement windows so we still didnt feel very safe. The tornado sirens were pretty eery sounding.


We had a tornado warning a few weeks ago. The wind was very violent. Large hail as well. Scared the hell out of me.

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Wishing you luck and safety.


@AKendrick I’d like to really know what you mean by “Yay”. this is serious and we could be hurt so wtf is so yay about this.?

Sorry man… Ive always wanted to see a tornado. I thought you might have been a fellow storm lover. No disrespect meant…I do stupid sh it sometimes… I hope u guys are safe.

well you could have just said that instead of saying yay…oklahoma is tornado alley. we get scared and nervous…dogs get upset.

Damn… I didn’t actually read your post. That sounds bad man

Hey Juke!

We’re under a tornado watch too here in KS.

Stay safe and comfort your pets. :hugs:


Yea… I’ve heard they happen alot there. Again… didn’t mean to make light of danger sir.

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so far, nothing, a little sprinkling…still hasn’t turned cold yet and that is when it will be possible for twisters.


Mamacita and I went to Walmart earlier tonight and it was pretty quiet out weather-wise. No rain, still nice and warm etc.

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