Tornado warning in NYC

even in the Bronx. I didn’t believe it. a tornado? here?

im camping out in the basement until i get news that it subsided. so far, nothing’s happening though. i even still got internet \o/

but yeah, both my mobile phone and Google warned me.


Right now, I’m only seeing a tornado watch for you, not a warning. ETA: do you have access to local TV or radio? That would be the most up-to-date info you can get.


yeah, the warning was canceled:

i’m a man of faith though, so i know that disaster can strike at any time. that’s why i camped in the basement for like an hour. mom probably thought i was an idiot. meh


Stay safe brosky. .!!!


Hey dude were u the guy who used to have a spider as a friend

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yes. a lot has changed though- including your being a Heartless!

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