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Sorry… I feel like I’m intruding in people’s topics…just been manic lately and want to talk with someone real… Even if I don’t know u and have no idea anything about u… I still just chatter away… But its no excuse… I don’t mean to be intrusive… I’m really not this bad usually but this is something new… People I can relate to… And this is my first ever social media… So I feel I can be open without anyone knowing me and having to hide… I’m really sorry…

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You’re just chatting, there’s no problem with that. You’re getting to know people on the forum, thats cool.

Thanks… I’m normally withdrawn but on here it’s like I can project my need to be social without actually being social… It’s new to me… The mania and the newness will die down… I won’t be so hyper active with my posts

I’m glad your reaching out… No need to apologize.

when I first found this site … it was a comfort to see that no matter what I was struggling with… I was not the only one in the boat.

I’m glad your here

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