Do you get put off when you introduce yourself on a forum or a facebook group and nobody acknowledges your introduction ? Especially when making the initial post hasn’t been easy.

I personally think facebook is a waste of time. Besides I am too paranoid and private for the whole ■■■■■■■ world to know my personal business

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I’ve honestly never thought about it. When I’m making an introduction to a real person and I get a brush off… I do get very hurt.

But I’m not on facebook and I hate facebook. It has caused so much needless drama in the world. I’m not on any other forum but this one.

When I started here, I sort of felt like I was pondering in space… then people started replying. Then I was very surprised. Sometimes the responses I got were more puzzling then getting ignored.

I’ve been part of only one facebook forum (willingly) and it seemed to me you didn’t introduce yourself. Did you read back and see if anyone else introduced themselves? The one I was in I just commented when I had an opinion.
That facebook forum was different than what this is. Here it is about us and our growth. There it is about an idea or subject. On the forum I was on, the goal was to help yourself to whatever anyone else had said. The goal here is to help each other.
I hope that’s helpful. I’ve only been on one group willingly.

i did this on another forum, a depression forum , when i first came on the internet.( i had not found this site yet ! )
it took me so much to say i was sz and all the rest, no one said a word to me, in a way i was relieved, but i was also dismayed.
but to be honest i felt like the odd one out on that forum, the only sz in the room, it was lonely…
take care

I am a serial confider. I don’t care who knows and for all I care the whole world could know. I have built up my little platform (with the help of my eggy crate of course) so that I could look other people in the eye and make them look me in the eye.
I am not less. I am not more. I simply battles with monsters that they do not see. I feel like if people know what it is then if they have a child who is sz, depressed (or heck even some other mental illness) they might remember me and say to themselves “I knew someone like this once. She was odd, but she was ok. She was managing college, having friends, having a relationship, and could be happy. Maybe if I give my little son/daughter enough support he/she can have that too.”
That’s my dream. That someone will come up to me and say “We were scared when we got the diagnosis, but we know you. We know what you are capable of and we feel better knowing that our child CAN.”
I know that not everyone can, and that I as so very fortunate to have a mild case and my eggy crate. I think that is mostly why I have all of this. But all I want is to help other people be happy.