Took my sister out for a birthday dinner

We went out to a Mexican restaurant. It was nice, my other sister came too and it wasn’t that crowded. We talked a lot. The food was good.

If I had to pick one bad thing about it, it was when I accidentally caught some woman’s eye who was sitting three tables away. She was very attractive but I just looked away. I can’t read minds and I didn’t need anything weird spoiling my dinner. But ten minutes later I looked up and our eyes met and we were just looking at each other. Unfortunately she was so good looking that I assumed she was just doing something mean so I glared at her. But from her surprised reaction I realize that maybe she was just curious or friendly. Then I felt bad for myself for being so unfriendly.

But the rest of dinner was good and I held up my end of the conversation and both my sisters were their usual positive, cheery selves and fun to be around. We’ve known each other for 56 years and we all still like hanging around each other!! Cool!!


Glad you had a good time!

If I could tell you the amount of times I had those looks with women Nick I’d be old and such. Oops I am old! Mate…it’s a weird thing. You don’t usually pick up in restaurants so don’t feel too bad!

Glad you had a good time with your sisters! I treated my sister like shite in the past and I regret that still!


My younger sister doesn’t even talk to me. She can’t get along with anyone. She has some mental health problems.

Also, I just took offense to the way you said what you said before. You probably didn’t mean it to be offensive, but I found it offensive.



Yeah I found it offensive. You are like way older than me! What the hell. I am 24. Anyway most people would take at least slight offense to the way you said what you said. I have seen a couple of your other posts, like about how you don’t offend women on this site yesterday. I think you may not be able to totally accurately tell when you are offending someone.

It’s OK I’m not going to kill you over it!


No, you are not going to kill me over it.

It was a figure of speech. You are one happy dude! Where are you from. The UK?

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The U.S…

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OK I’m from Australia.

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