Too Much Stress!

From the beginning of the semester the stress has been building up. I haven’t socialized much because nobody has seemed interested. I haven’t been able to find relief in anything I do. My school work is getting hard to manage. I have no great outlet to vent. I normally play basketball but since I had surgery on my arm a few weeks ago, Ive only been able to barely shoot hoops and not actually play. It’s been showing in a very negative way too. I’ve been feeling depressed and lonely. My conversations are more awkward and disorganized like with my roommate. I had a little psychotic moment and blurted out “You should be able to buy a gun on the grounds of suicide,” in philosophy class while we were talking about moral wrongs that should be legal, making me look like a crazy person to the whole class. Besides 2 hours a week with a therapist, I’ve had to bottle up anything going on in my mind, and it’s still hard to talk about it even with him because its very disorganized and hard to explain. I’ve been drinking heavily on weekends alone. I just want to take a deep breath with life and pause for a second but I can’t. My head has been more jumbly too.

I need to slow down or something. I’m just confused and overwhelmed.

Meditation Doesn’t Help Me … ,

I Have Yet Found A Way To ESCAPE … , Completely … ,

So MY Personal Advice Would Be To Fynde A Poetic Nature-ish Place and Walk For A Few Min.'s ///\\ ,

If You Are Able To …


It’s raining currently but I’ll do that tomorrow

Music Helps Me … ,

Search For (((Rain Sounds))) On Youtube … ,

Tha Thunderstorms Help Me , But I Rarely Go There …


ALSO Check Thus Out … ,

If You Have A Way (and for anyone else out there) If You Have A Way … ,

Get Thus On Your Carry-out Music Player

and Take A Quiet Walk In Nature … ,

and Even Carry Something You Can Write On and Say Hello To Tha Birds and Bees …

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sorry to hear. For some alcohol will effect you in different ways. For me the paranoia creeps in. For others something else. You may want to ease up on the drink. But that is up to you. You maybe having racing thoughts and cant keep up with them. I am not sure but if its hard to explain it goes from one thought to another but to keep up with it maybe difficult because its just not one thing. Let the doctor know that you drink. And you have problems decompressing and relaxing. Just my 2 cents. Hope you feel better.

Today I put ear plugs in and started talking aloud about my condition. I pretended I was recording a Youtube video and giving 5 to 10 minute talks about my life & condition. At first it felt awkward, but I really got into it. Having ear plugs in helped me hear my voice in a better dynamic - improved my affinity & mood hearing my voice more personally, as if I was reprogramming or literally being talked to.

After that, I booted up some ASMR videos - specifically ear cleaning/ear massage videos. I had headphones on & boy did it all feel great. I’m still in some pain in my head, but I’m pulling through.

You gotta find ingenius strategies like that to overcome your symptoms. I can’t figure 'em out b/c I’m not in your shoes, but you’ll surely come up with some coping mechanics.


I choose not to work or go to school because of the stress. I’m glad you’re trying. We’re just two different people.


First off I want to say what works for someone may not work for you. Do have a quiet place where you can try and journal your opinions? I started a free blog with google blogger while I don’t post on it as much as I used to, it does help elevate some emotional stress and pain I keep bottled up inside. I know people can read it, and I do give it out a lot of places (after all it’s a free blog) I thought the more I talk about it there, the more people can understand what I’m going through on the inside. It’s not like Facebook or twitter where people go and read it multiple times a day, but it’s not exactly private either. And I can choose to quit the blog at any time if I feel it’s not helping anyone or myself.

You don’t have to do a blog but I might suggest keeping a journal just to let out what you’re feeling inside. Then it more than likely wont come out in the wrong place making yourself look odd to others. Also I don’t do official mediation, but I do lay in bed sometimes and listen to relaxing music and not try to think of anything in particular, just let my mind wander until the music stops.

Anytime I feel an episode I try and remove myself from whatever the situation may be and take a step back. I never act on impulse actions and promised myself during severe depression episodes that I will not hurt myself for 24 hours. Then if I’m feeling still stressed out and depressed but just a little bit better I extend that thought for 48 hours and eventually the mood passes.Writing does help me, I don’t know if would help you but you sound like you just need a way to release the stress and tension building up inside of you, and it’s a method that has helped me.


I used to write poems and such but I haven’t done much lately because I just haven’t felt inspired.

You might have to face the possibility that you might not be able to complete your course. If it’s causing you that much stress.

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How old are you @Kazuma? Seems like you really have a tough time lately. What are you studying?
You could try to make yourself sort of a ‘to do list’, and try to figure out what are you able todo without feeling too much stress. You could choose few things as a goals for this semester and focus on it, instead of trying to do everything at the same time.
As for a therapy, you should try to write down what you want to say, and read it to your therapist - his job is to make sense out of it.

But before anything, try to take a walk or soothe your mind with something else.

And keep us informed!


I’m 20. And thanks for the advice. I’m not currently majored in anything yet so I still gotta figure that out. And I can’t give up yet @everhopeful I gotta keep pushing forward. Its just been tough lately