Tonigh I paid for brain HQ

I can’t watch tv I can’t watch movies. I can barely process anything as my brain was hurt so bad three years ago. This guy Richard that I work with processes information super fast. It seems impressive to me. So I ordered a month subscription to this programme. I figure I may as well try to improve my brain and focus on my phone gives me something to try. Im in trouble


Extremely ow processing just make you feel cognitively impaired. As you can’t process the words you hear. You pick out words and try to understand.its like listening to someone speak about something that you have no knowledge of the topic, like say listening to an accountant. Except you know you have a problem. You pick out words and try to understand individual words. But you can’t understand all the words in the sentence so it just impaired. Really slow processing is a form of cognitive impairment. That’s what I think this is anyway. I wish I could speak to someone with messed up processing to know what they feel

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