Tomorrow's my birthday

Thirty three, who would have thought I’d make it this far? I might be pushing ahead of myself here but tomorrow I will be celebrating my 33rd birthday. I was born in a small North Eastern Iowa town 2 months premature. I barely made it out of the hospital, they had to send me to one of the slightly larger cities near by where I stayed I don’t know how long. They didn’t didn’t think I’d get out of the hospital alive. I was baptized there at the hospital and had my last rights given to me. But I pulled through. I moved back into the home my parents lived.

I’ve grown from that premature little baby to a 33 year old woman. I have my battles, I suffer from border-line Paranoid Schizophrenia, Severe Depression, and high anxiety. I am overweight yes, extremely overweight actually. There are many things about myself I would like to change but I’m alive.

I always said 33 was my lucky number. I love the number 3 and two 3’s just make it all the better. Maybe this year will go by better for me. Maybe I’ll finish my book? Maybe it’ll get published. Maybe so many things will happen and this deep hole I’ve been falling down will start to reveal away out. Maybe, just maybe.

Thirty three, who would have thought I’d make it this far in life?


Happy birthday sohare1981! I hope you have a lovely day! tc

Happy birthday! I hope that the year ahead will indeed be good for you. :birthday:

Happy Birthday @sohare1981 ! I hope you have a great Birthday and a great year!

Happy Birthday, Sohare1981!

Happy Birthday @sohare1981 ! I wish you many more!

happy birthday, i hope you have a good one.
take care

Happy birthday, sohare1981. Wish you better health and more productive writing in the year to come.

Happy Happy Joy Joy…happy birthday, @sohare1981, hope you find a way to eat less and lose weight…I have been told to eat on smaller plates that way your brain thinks you’re getting a lot of food. and you eat less…lots of water, and lots of vegetables are also good for weight loss…I am still needing to lose over 50 pounds.

Happy Birthday @sohare1981! Hope you have a wonderful day and year to come!

Happy early Birthday. Congratulations on making it this far. Life is a marathon not a sprint. It’s possible to lose weight on anti-psychotics.

Happy Birthday @sohare1981! I hope this is the best birthday ever for you.

Thank you all. I’m gonna head off to bed. I don’t know when I’ll be on tomorrow, if at all. I plan on going out to a local park and having a small picnicking with my parents and just enjoy some peaceful outdoor time.

happy happy birthday sohare1981.

I hope your new year starts off on the right foot. and keeps going right for you.


Happy Birthday Sohare1981, enjoy the year ahead!

happy birthday hunni xxx

Happy Birthday Anniversary.

Happy Birthday! I wish you love and joy. You were born a fighter, so keep on fighting!

Many Blessings,


thank you all, it wasn’t bad, quiet day, but I like those. I was relaxed most of the day.