Tomorrow is my first day being a Doordash driver

Not as nervous as I usually am with first days on jobs, because I don’t have an actual “boss”, I’ve done delivery before for Panera, and I’m only doing Doordash on Fri/Sat/Sun.

I’ll now be working 56 hour weeks!

Wish me luck fatigue-wise.


Good luck!!!


Good luck to you, @Nomad!

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hey I hope your energy stays good and alert for your job’s sake !! good luck dude.

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Good luck matey!

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You don’t want my opinion.

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Good luck @Nomad!

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Just out of curiosity, how easy did you find it to get auto insurance for that? I’ve tried to place insurance for “Skip the Dishes” and “Uber Eats” drivers with limited success. The regular markets won’t touch them and Facility is wicked expensive – usually $4000/year plus for those with clean records.

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