Delivering Uber Eats - decent job for sz imo

For those of us with access to vehicles, I think it’s a good option.

I’ve done two sessions of Uber Eats delivery. It’s pretty straightforward and has minimal contact with people. I only felt anxious when I had to wait in a crowded restaurant for an order. Other than that, it’s been a breeze. Made 19 dollars in two hours tonight.

Just wanted to relay my experience with other people :smiley: Might be worth a try

Edit: Oh you can also pick whenever you want to work and for how long.


That’s it? What do you have left after your vehicle expenses come out? Don’t forget to factor in wear and tear on the vehicle.

I think its good you found something you can do. I have done delivery myself. I crunched some hard numbers one time and you spend about 50 cents on gas per delivery. The insurance and registration stickers and all that is already covered because your driving anyway. And your beating the ■■■■ outta the vehicle but who cares. I drive all my cars into the ground. Its a job. You can take away 100 plus bucks a day for a 4 hour shift. Low stress. Its not hourly work and shouldnt be looked at that way. You just try and hit so much per km. A dollar a km is good.

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The main thing is gas. I have to pay insurance anyways, so that’s not a problem.