Tomorrow is a busy day

  1. I have to go to a dr appt.
  2. I have to go grocery shopping.
  3. I have to clean up the kitchen.
  4. I have to (well more want to) watch hockey.
  5. I have to try to get to sleep.

Please send good thoughts/prayers my way. These days energy is hard to come by. :woozy_face:


You can do it ! Sending good vibes your way :sunny:

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Thank you :blush:
Hoping tonight I’ll get some sleep.

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I have doc appt tommorow as well

Why energy hard to come by @FatMama?? How are you doing overall?

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I’m doing okay. Just can’t sleep all night and so tired all day. Hoping my sleep gets better.

I know what you mean about energy… you’re still in my thoughts.

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I hope you slept well and kick butt on todays activities

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Thanks @JustTrish and @Leaf
Going to rest for a bit and have some coffee. Then get my butt in gear. I didn’t sleep well but I still have to do some work.


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