Tomorrow I want to get the kitchen/dishes done

And then I want to make apple cinnamon muffins with the apples that are a little soft. Oh I really hope I get the energy.


Yumm, those muffins sound awesome, please send me some @FatMama!

I feel like I wake every day to a marathon of dishes. No matter how many dishes I wash there always seems to be a mountain ready & waiting. I hope you can get thru yours.

What I do is I play a film or TV show in the background so I have pleasant company while I wash dishes - my pc is in the kitchen so I stream my local, free tv shows or movies on it. I can’t really hear it properly or follow the plot but it just makes me feel better & more motivated to kind of have it playing in the background. Yesterday I had a documentary playing & I just liked the tone of the protagonist’s voice. Ya know?


I did my dishes and took out my trash earlier this evening.

Now I got to dirty up some dishes again to whip up dinner.



Sometimes I put on nature shows while I work

And so it continues lol

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My dishes have been in the sink a few days.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s not much though but I should do it today.

I am only one person to wash up after and when I visit my boyfriend he has a dishwasher but he wants to move in with me and live free and I can’t say no to him even though I could get in trouble and lose my home .i I want to live with him but not like this as it’s like his using me while he rents his place out and gets money but I don’t get money from him nor does the woman who owns my apartment.i could get in trouble but I can’t say no to him.just can’t.:cry:

Those muffins sound amazing.:two_hearts:

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That’s not fair of him at all. Sounds like you may need to have a talk with him.

They are my favorite muffins. I used to bake muffins and cookies every week. I haven’t for almost a year.

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I was taught by my parents that I should never say never. Similarly, I was taught do everything my spiritual group asked of me.

You know I must have heard that stuff wrong. Somewhere I must have a boundary I don’t want to give up.

People are wonderful, but some how they have hurt me over and over again. Or, as that French Existentialist wrote, “Hell is other people.”

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Exactly. Well, tonight I just cooked up a couple cheeseburgers, so I only got a couple dishes dirty.


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