Tomorrow I have to go to my aunt's birthday 🙄

Tomorrow it’s the celebration of my aunt’s birthday, so we go all the family to have a snack and maybe have dinner at her garden.
There are going to go all my uncles and aunts, little cousins, and even my father’s girlfriend and her daugther that I don’t even know them.

So I’m going to have an entertaining evening :roll_eyes:


I have to go to extended family gatherings like that every so often. It can indeed be entertaining! :smile:


Do I detect a bit of nose wrinkling going on here? You can say it, go ahead, after all, we’re all family here…well, we at least choose to be here.

You disapprove of your father’s girlfriend and her daughter, right?

Noo! Thats not the problem at all, I’m glad my father was happy and that he had found a girlfriend, but lately I don’t like so much these meetings… I don’t really know why, I don’t like so much childs either, and I don’t know how to act sometimes, so… Haha but well it’s all my family to so I have to make the effort…

Ah, well, you gotta love em anyway,

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