Today the weather is unusually clear and not cold

It is making me reminisce about good old summer days.

:cry: That have passed.

I hate having really good memories knowing that I’m ill now. And not ever be that alert and carefree and young again.


You sound so sad. I’m sad for you. Please try to enjoy the good weather and get some fresh air and take a walk outside or something. It might help you feel better.


@ZmaGal thankyou…,


No worries, generally I’m okay. It just a few stresses in my life.

The birds are singing out there and it’s gone past the morning.

It’s really beautiful it’s making me a tiny bit get the feels, as it brings back memories that’s all of a chirpier time,

But I’m okay. Hope you’re managing okay too atm.

Has the covid subsided

Unfortunately, it’s been a week and I’m still having fevers each day. They break, but then they come back. I can’t taste anything and I have a cough and stuffed up nose.

I’m so glad you’re ok.

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Oh okay. Yea sometimes covid stays around a bit longer. Sorry to hear this, definitely keep hydrated, if it’s okay to do so.

Sending you my love.

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Yeah man i miss being a kid/teen hell i miss my life before i became psychotic. Feels like it opened up everything negative in my life

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Here this is the weather. Out my window. It makes me not want to nap.


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It has gotten a little cooler but still so… Nice.