Today somebody wanted to arrest me

I told him that I have nothing to lose of being arrested.


Why was that? Did this really occur or was it a delusion?

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It really happened. I was on the street shirtless. I was in bad shape( that’s why I was shirtless)
He told me to put on a shirt and I told him to get lost.
He said he would arrest me, told him that I have nothing to lose.
Then he asked if I have mental problems, I said yes, and then he left.


Damn. Put a shirt on next time before someone beats your ass.

I can fight as well, but of course better to avoid fights.
As I said I was in very bad shape.

Yea well that’s good. At lest the weathers nice where you are. If I went out shirtless here they would find me frozen stiff as a board

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having no shirt is not illegal.

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