Today’s health thread

So, I wanted to make a thread dedicated to healthy lifestyles.

Tell us your healthy habits!

Went to the gym this morning.

Going for a NV granola bar in a few minutes.

Drinking honey tea also ~ it is my after workout treat


If I eat or drink something unhealthy I do it on smaller plates/glasses and slower, so I won’t consume as much or feel tempted to finish it after I’ve had enough.

Also I had a great breakfast today, a banana, two eggs, and a piece of toast. It’s the most healthy morning I’ve had all year.


I usually go for a walk minimum 30minutes each day. I work out about two times a week. I want to start running a couple of times too, but haven’t quite found the motivation for that yet.

I take a lot of supplements to counteract the sideeffects of the drugs which definitly makes my brain and mood more healthy.

I include veggies, non processed meats and fruit to my diet which helps keep my weight stable.


I eat vegetarian and sometimes go for a walk. Or cycle on my exercise bike.


Went for a mile on my broken ankle this morning I my new combat boots.


I have to stay away from bananas, which is a shame because they’re so cheap.

I think it’s the fat in the bananas that sets off addiction bells and makes me want to binge

I just had coffee and will have a protein bar once I am hungry. I have been skipping breakfast for more than 2 months and I lost 15lb.


Over 50 lbs gone so far this year. Still losing.


I’ve lost 45 pounds. But I’m not losing right now even though I’m exercising and eating 1200 calories per day so I’m going to hit the gym harder 5 days a week instead of 4. And I just started HIIT 2 days ago so that may help too.

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I drink a lot of water.


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