Today my parents took me to a psychiatrist and I preferred injection

Today my parents took me to a psychiatrist and I preferred injection

Psychiatrist said do not take olanzapine, use resperidone

he asked do you want tablets or injection

then I said injection is my choice

then he said it is very expensive and I looked

at my father and he said he will bear the expences

and I bought a 25 mg Risperdal Consta and the Doctor

injected me the antipsychotics

and he said I have to take injection every 14 days ( 15 days but two weeks is 14 days )

and he also said I was given 25 mg first time and from second time

it will always be 37.5 mg injection there after ( probably rest of my life )

and he said it will take couple or more weeks to notice the difference.

The 25 mg injection costs 4,800+change rupees and 37.5 mg injection costs 6,000+change rupees

I must say from today, I will be on regular antipsychotics regimen and I am glad

my problems are finally being addressed in a proper medical manner.

Thanks friends.


Hope it starts to work fast!

It’s cool you are on APs @anon93437440

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That’s great news! :slight_smile:

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I take the 37.5 injection plus 15mg risperidone in pills…

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Good for you! Hope all goes well and meds work good!

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This is wonderful news! I hope it works great for you!

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That’s great news @anon93437440. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I dont like the injections though. I prefer pills. good for you

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I’m glad you are getting the right help. I’m sorry your father has to pay that much. I hope things get better. I think the injection is the right way to go.

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That’s great news @anon93437440! You’re so lucky your dad is willing to bear the cost of the injections! Injections are so much better. I used to get them when I was on Medicaid. Now that I’m not on Medicaid I can’t afford them. But I think they work better even though I never miss my meds.

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Not available in Nepal but glad u return to taking medication again …!!! Good luck @anon93437440 aka Sagar gorijala my big brother…!!


Oh I’m so happy for you! Such great news!

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Excellent! Glad for you!

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I take 37.5 mg Risperdal Consta every two weeks too. It’s a great medicine for psychosis. I’m so glad for you that your father is willing to bear the expense. He must really love you very much. I hope the Risperdal Consta works well for you.


I hope it works well. I have been on risperidone pills :pill: three times. First two times helped third it didn’t help anymore.

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Just a moment ago I created a new gmail id which is…ignoremind@gmail[dot]com

and two of you posted that you can not bear the injection cost and as the email id suggests

rest of the humans are found to be

ignore mind… though we do not do it on purpose, ironically we find ourselves

ignoring rest of the world as if rest of the world does not exist.

Even though we exist some how we find ourselves absent when we can fill

the gap. So, that is why I created a new email and by chance I read this topic today and

that email and this topic are all about the same issue.

So, I am happy for myself to receive your wishes

and I find myself with identity crisis only because

we friends find ourselves unable to or ironically finding ourselves not helping

each other.

I am sorry for everyone.

Thanks friends.

May be some day we can punch each other for being absent.



Truth —> Body is similar to hardware.
Mind is similar to software.
Body is physical existence.
Mind is virtual existence.
Existence is everything.
When change happens,
something is happening and
everything else is not happening. <— That is it.

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