Today Is The Day

I just have to motivate myself to do stuff, horrid mess in my place and more stuff coming, ( for work) so I just have to start doing things.

What are your plans for this Saturday ?

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I got home from work just 20 minutes ago, so I’m going to sleep fairly soon. Then I’ll go to work again tonight. Maybe I can hang out at my bud’s house for a while, just before my shift.


Ah, good luck!

I just went to a soccer tournament from my son, which was okay. Then my brother came to do a few things in the house together for an hour. And now im going into town. I need summer clothes, a vacuum cleaner and an ironing thing. Then - food, dishes, rest.

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Its 9.30 pm here. Thinking back the times when i worked as a baker 10 years ago. Glad i don’t have to do it anymore. These days i just do the necessary stuff, basic cleaning and shopping when i got some money. Try to do get involved in free activities. Maybe i join a religious group.


I’m having friends over for dinner. It’s all girls so I hope my husband can handle all the estrogen lol!

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Nothing special, I rode my bicycle and played with my broken used smart phone. It is the early evening here and I listen to some Eastern Orthodox music. Nothing special.

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well the weather forecast changed. yesterday they were predicting rain for the weekend, but now they say no rain today but some tomorrow. so instead of sitting inside, I will pull weeds in the garden, weedeat the perimeter of the property and then come back inside. my outside work will only take about an hour. so then maybe i’ll clean up a little inside and be bored the rest of the day. there is a baseball game on at 4pm, so i’ll probably watch that as well.

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