Hi everyone, watcha up to today?

I went to a place of worship. I was really emotional. It brought back memories. And the togetherness was spiritual wen singing


Not much here, went to the store and got some food, had my morning walk and rode my bicycle, I had a thought that I would go to a church today, but it did not happen, it is snowing and everything is so white, it was nice to wake up and have some coffee, not much is happening.


Went for lunch and took a quick five minute walk along the beach. Bought a homeless guy a subway and a coffee, dont do it usually - but the guy looked genuinly ill.

Went to the polish deli and got some sausage and gherkins to munch on, and spent a tenner on sweets to fill up my candy tub i have on the table as well. Boiled sweets are great, when you get the twinge for a drink.

Just gonna be flicking between netflix, here and my games all day.


I did some DIY in my allotment today, a new kitchen, soon im going to watch the bicycle race from Belgium.
Tonight, nothing much but staying sober.


Going out with my friend and getting some coffee.


Going to stock up on groceries and dry goods with my husband. Also do some laundry. We will probably do some laundry


I’m on a bus ride right now.

The sun is shining.

Nice break from all the storms in the uk


Hi Butterfly!

I’m not up to much. Just researching phones that can shoot 4K video. I need a new phone anyways.

It sounds like you’re having a good Sunday. :slight_smile:


Not much now, but I just spent several hours sitting outside playing Rummikub


I have a lot of cleaning to do.

I have a lot of cleaning to do all week.

Also have to take all the trash/recycling out,

Pick up is tomorrow.

On top of all my everyday stuff I have to do.

Busy day,

Busy day ahead.


I don’t know. It’s 9:30 now and I’ve only been up about an hour. I slept really late for some reason today and yesterday. I can’t decide what to do. I’m feeling groggy and it’s getting worse since I took morning meds. But I do have things I can do, I just don’t feel very motivated. I will at least take a bath today at some point. And today I’m definitely making lentil street tacos with salsa, avocado, sour cream and cabbage so I will be having yummy food at least. Who knows once the med effect wears off maybe I’ll motivate and get something else done. We’ll see.


I went to a place of worship last night, Saturday night. My friend is at one now, Sunday morning. I have been staying at her house for the past four days. It’s been a good time. I go home today.


I am at work! And then go to a support group later on today. :slight_smile:

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Oh, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
I showed my face at my older sisters going away party tonight. She’s moving from the U. S. to Mexico soon. She has a lot of friends and most of them are nice.

One woman at the party was being really friendly to me, I had heard my sister talk about her before and it was kind of cool to meet her. I didn’t stay long though.

Afterward, I went shopping at CVS pharmacy and then I came here to Jack-in-the-Box where I’m sitting drinking a coke and trying to unsave the world.


I know that feeling, I think it’s really special when you have those kinds of spiritual experiences.

Today I woke up starving thanks to my intermittent fasting. Then I mostly wanted to keep myself busy to distract from it so I painted and then I played videogames. But I went kind of stir crazy. I’m going to have to find a way to keep myself busy all this week because I have no schoolwork :confused: watched knives out w my boyfriend that was fun


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