Today is the day

For those who have been following today I start my trial for ITI-007. I hope that this med will counteract the withdraw of the abilify. Already not feeling good but at least the voices aren’t bad.


Have u started or starting taking iti 007… i am so curious…

I will start the medication sometime today. Have an appointment 11:30 my time. It is currently 7:52.

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Wow! Keep us updated. Thanks.

I will share as much as I possibly can. Just telling people to watch out for my post if I am not aloud to share as they will give some insight into how I am doing.

Are u taking it on day time…??? When do u take ur abilify then…

I will have to see what the doctor says. I wasn’t aloud t take my abilify yesterday or any day unless I stop the trial but I was taking it when I wake up.

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I prefer night time to take meds but then I forget so I had to start taking them in the morning.

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You’ll be fine, the part where you’re weaned off your old meds is always a little scary. You’ll be feeling better in no time.

Thanks for your words of encouragement :slight_smile: