Today is better than yesterday

Yesterday was a very hard day for me. Today has been alot better. I cleaned up and open all thw windows and turned on all the lights in my apartment. Im trying to stay positive and be happy despite my paranoia and feelings. I feel its a work in progress. Schizophrenia has its ups and downs. But for the most part im thankful god made me the way that i am. I have my children who mean the world to me both of my kids are highly intelligent and my son does great in school. So far they have no symproms of my disease they live happy and have evrything a child could ever want. Im thankful for this site all of yall on here inspire me. I know if my marriage dosent work out he was not meant for me. I will find love again. But for the most part i have my family even when i feel alone. Im going to continue fighting for love, happiness and life. Im going to live travel and do things to make me happy. My mom allways told me when life throws you lemons make lemonade. Yesterday my lemonade was sour today my lemonade is just right. I accept my illness im not a plague i can be loved and im not just tolerated or hated by others. People love me even in my times of extreme paranoia. Im happy and i hope you all know there is hope happiness and brighter days. And if someone does not accept your illness which is apart of you therr is nothing wrong with you its just they are not meant for you or your journey. Love all of you be happy and be who you are. And i am who i am no apologies.


That shows you have PMAS.

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, and that you have such a relaxed outlook on things. It’s refreshing :smiley:

Also, your comment about lemons and lemonade made me think of this:


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Love it lol. Walmart is awesome.

And yes my quest is to find someone who will love and cherish everything about me. Im going out free no worries just being my crazy novice self. Im going to have fun ■■■■ worrying about what peoole think and do. Its gotten me no where. So im going to express my self sexually as well as mentally😄

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