To some of the more opinionated posters. what is your level of function

I don’t work a job but I don’t have to. there are some physical barriers there. I do work on my property, a lot. Functioning in society as far as shopping, paying bills on time, managing money, conversing with people, not a problem. Having a relationship not a problem.
Psychiatrist recommends no meds.
Anything that some might consider Sz symptoms are few and far between and do not affect functioning.

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My story has two tails, how others percieve me and how i perceive myself.
To begin with I have recently - less than a month- moved to a new country, I am living alone, I get houseeeping done by the company, they basically offer a full furnished appartment and housekeepers come and clean, I am in a mentally challenging environment where i need to participate in brainstorming sessions and be part of larger gropu of people to contribute my experience in the field, I am a warehouse planning manager who looks after 20 warehouses across the country. I have been visiting these facilities and submitting my appraisal about them, I have been doing quit well till now but it is stressful to know you are exected to meet demand and dead line when all you think about is how to finish that day, but by time i am improving, I am getting things done, i am resuming my old personality where i ask questions and expect answers, my memory betrays me sometimes that why my dad always tell me “dont say it write it”. it is working though.

I have big aspirations and these aspirations are what get me in the morning to go to work despite all the damage I have inside, socially i am fairly average, I greet people and smile with them ask how they are doing and try to be the quiet workaholic guy to avoid the attention.

Everyone who knows about my illness is impressed at how high i am functioning and even asking me to write my story, i think it is still early to do so, i am still in probation period and my employer can terminate the contract at anytime if they think i am not matching the standards of the position, which i hoe will not happen.

I have a girlfriend, she loves me very much, she knows all about the symptoms i have had but not the word schizophrenia, i have avoided using the word, but im happy with that, i didnt lie to her.

How i perceive my self, I havent reached half where i want to be, i lack motivation of someone in my age with my position, my self esteem is high at working subjects but in regular day to days i am not so well.

I am on medication and i will stay on them.

I hope i answered your question, thank you for the nice thread.


Wow, there is a lot to be proud of!
Good for you @Sparso !

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I’ve wondered how much the anti-science bias of Hollywood, as in the movie E.T., has influenced young people to mistrust scientific solutions.

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I was going to say that I didn’t want to brag. Then, I remembered that I had already posted much on this, so here is a link:

Since then, I got another full-time technical job with ‘Engineer’ in the title. My psychiatrist seems to be considering changing my diagnosis from schizoaffective to autism spectrum disorder partly because I’ve functioned so well on such a low dose of medication for so long. I’ve almost always been medication compliant, except for a few days within about a month of when I started taking medication.

I would go more along the line of X Files. Scully is a scientist and uses a scientific approach, yet they still encounter things that cannot be explained or are new to science, or else delve into the realm of Quantum physics…
I like science. It was my best subject in grade school

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind…
The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

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