Too functional - good article


This is a really good article. It makes me think of when people tell me I’m not sz cause I can’t do meds. I wish people would just take each other seriously.

Once I had to go to the hospital wearing a suit.

I was super bad off, and the PA in the ER was not taking me seriously, at all.

She kept telling me I just needed some sleep and tried to give me Ambien,

When I refused to leave until they found my doctor they moved me to a cramped room with seating for like 20 people with minor scrapes and bruises.

Finally my doctor called, I was admitted and had to stay nearly a effing month.

Speak articulately about your symptoms and wear a suit?

Apparently that means your not schizophrenic or in need of care.


It was a good enough article. Only blip for me the implication that somehow if you’re functional you must be trying harder than someone who isn’t .


You’re screwed either way though. Lol.

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Thanks for the article. It was a very good read.

All I can say is this is true. Some doctor even thinks I don’t have schizophrenia because I act quite normal. I’m sure my hidden problems are much more severe though. I sometimes wonder why I’m not working or going to school if I’m so “functional”, but nonetheless I’m told by my doctor and therapist that I seem “very high functioning.”


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