To parents and carers about recovery

okay so i have been doing cbt for 2 years and 2 months.
i am still improving. :smiley:
my therapist is very happy seemingly…with the progress .
( she still looks at me as if i am a :chestnut: nutter !?! )
she warned me last time about going backwards…i haven’t yet ( nearly… but didn’t )
i am totally stoked. :sunny:
she has said in the past it is rare to have such improvement…
so really this is just a positive message to parents and carers…
that cbt works…for me anyways…it is challenging and hard work.
would i recommend it…definitely .
and that there is hope.:heartbeat:
i should say that as a non medicated person i have to live a very disciplined lifestlye…to keep grounded.
hope this helps someone :heart: …that is why i write it !?! :book:
hugs all round from the space :rocket:…hamster :hamster: !?!
take care :alien:


What types of things do you do at cbt? I will try to convince my son to go. I don’t want to push him yet. One step at a time.

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Well, good for you darksith, I’m glad it’s helping.


we talk a lot…well i talk a lot !?! :flushed:
they sets goals…
i write a brief daily journal…it is a minimum of ten pages…which i give to her.
…which flags symptoms and issues that need to be addressed.
then more goals are set .
they push you towards developing social skills and coping methods.
i used not to be able to walk in to a pharmacy or other shops…now i can.
it is confronting and emotionally draining…
it is important that the sz person ( me ) trusts the therapist…find one that works for your son.
and as a carer you will have to be very patient.
take care :alien:


Thank you for posting this, I am feeling lost and needed this today. My sons symptoms have re-emerged the last few months. My husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer (symptoms reappeared before diagnosis). His therapist was supposed to be doing CBT and biofeedback, hasn’t regularly been doing either. He’s been seeing her about 5 months. On his second visit, she told him she wasn’t sure that he had Scz…I couldn’t believe it! She had no clue after seeing him twice…I should have found someone new then. But I was hopeful that she would use her different therapy modalities…Now here we are 5 months later. He’s starting new meds today, I’ve got a new therapist… This spring it will be 3 years since this all started… I need to focus on my husband now, but my sons illness is a selfish one. It doesn’t care! I’m hopeful new meds and therapist will help… Thanks again for posting…


Thank you @darksith! Yes, CBT does work! It was a life-changer for me and glad it’s worked well for you too! :heart:

Dear darksith and everyone, how to get people with sz into CBT or other treatment who refuse, do not believe in mental illness, think the counselor’s office might be a government front etc.?

I’m glad you are benefiting and recovering; that is heartening.

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I needed to get straightened out on meds for some time before I could tackle anything else. Once my head had settled some, I was ready for the next step. I think people make the mistake of expecting meds to work immediately because that’s what they see on shows like Law & Order. In my own case, it took years. SZ recovery is one of those ‘time takes time’ things. You have to take the long view.



Yeah, two and a half years of continual psychosis with three full episodes in I’m starting to see the tunnel.

Thank you for responding.

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I wish they had this here a couple years ago.
I had to push myself to get to the stage with SA/Schiz to do all those things myself.
Now I’m barely anxious or anything to head into any where,
I can walk straight into a building or shop, but try to do little avoidant things based on certain scenarios here and there.

By myself with self recovery over time.

What is this CBT? thing anyway.

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google cbt and other talk therapies…:heart:
they can explain it way better than me !?! :flushed:
take care :alien:

i am sorry your husband has cancer and your son has sz !?!
that is a lot to deal with.
make sure you look after yourself…that is very important.
know some one cares :heart:
take care :alien:


That gives me hope for my son. He has been on meds for over a year now but refuses any therapy. I think he would really benefit from cbt or some other therapy. But he is very closed and never wants to talk about his situation; just says everything is fine :disappointed:

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: