Nothing i can do Online?

has anyone got any ideas what i can do online to pass the time?

i get really bored and i dont know what to do when i am online i usually just flick between here and facebook and youtube and amazon or listen to music but i get bored very easily and i find it hard doing something for a long period of time.

any help would be much appreciated

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Search google for an online comic that you enjoy
Watch youtube videos on a subject you would like to learn more about
Read free books online
Find a chatroom on a subject you are interested in

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porn…private message me for specific sites or I will get banned

i wish i could but right now i dont feel like i can do anything except this forum,

i cant even watch tv as i hate it and i am thinking about getting rid of it

you know what i would like to do?

here’s a list

  • get rid of tv i dont watch and save on tv licence
  • stop broadband and save money on that too
  • i’d like to have friends around every night instead
  • i’d like to do things with friends like a group (possibly chess or something light like that)
  • i could use the library to come on this forum

this is just a few things that i thought might help and save money at the same time

sorry i know this was a thread about what i can do not what i want to give up.

idk if anyone has ever thought about any of this before? like giving things up like that?

You don’t need the TV or Internet. If they are not helping you then perhaps you should cancel them and save your money. That is a personal decision. For me I have to keep my Internet because my work requires me to get online from home from time to time. K and I do not pay for TV though as neither of us watch it and all of our favorite shows are on Hulu or other streaming services.

I am not the best person to ask for advice on finding friends though as I don’t do great in that area. I mostly like being alone. But if I was wanting to find more friends I would probably look for events around town pertaining to subjects that I enjoy and mingle with other like minded people. Or perhaps try one of the dating sites online. I signed up for a few in hopes of finding friends, I did not have much luck but I feel that is largely due to my poor communication skills. (I don’t like messaging people, and I frequently don’t know what to say when I do).

Best of luck to you. =)

Doing things online depends on your interests. i do a lot of research. I talk to people both on forums and privately and we can get into some pretty deep discussions at times, and can help each other.

You mentioned chess…there are online sites for chess…you can either play other people, or play a computer…

I also do some artwork, and photography, though my camera is broke so that kinda sux…

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i’ve tried the dating sites and nothing helps, i think i need to just get out there and meet people somehow, sounds impossible, the people at church are not really my age group and most people are working through the day, i dont really know what i would do during the day, i have sweep here though and i will hopefully get my driving license soon and a car so maybe a bit of fly fishing or something.

if i gave up tv and broadband i think it would save me between ÂŁ300-ÂŁ400 a year

and it might make me want to go to an internet cafe where there is free wifi a bit more (gives me a reason to go out) sounds ok in theory i guess.

1 Like for free online courses in stuff like the history of rock, nutrition, oceans, just about anything.

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its a good idea but i really need something to do involving people, i think i am socially deprived when it comes to that,

i miss smiling faces and things like that, i love it when someone smiles at me just smiling back can be hard now, it never use to be hard to smile back but i guess the longer you stay away from people the harder it is to do that.

I haven’t had that for awhile…I rarely go out…it’s not really by choice, has to do with transportation. No friends in 3D at all. I like to have one friend/companion, maybe a couple people, that’s all…i don’t like large parties or having a bunch of friends like when i was a teenager, LOL.
But I haven’t even had one person 3D I could call friend for several months…

And around here there just simply arent any people i could relate to, or if they are around they are in hiding.

Everyone who has been a true friend since 2002 I have met online and they were far away…after some time we became friends, or more (I met my wife online in 2002…and not a dating site).

When you have been with someone for 11 years and then they are suddenly gone it can get to you…I had some really rough times last year…it has been 13 months now…

Genealogy can actually be a lot of fun. I haven’t spent time on my family tree in quit a few years however I do have an extensive file that I will get back to one day.

Take the world’s best courses, online, for free.

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Another good free course site is EdX. It’s Harvard, MIT, ect putting it on. They recorded their lectures and provide free material.

A good time waster is you answer vocabulary, grammar, art, ect questions (exp. Melancholy means:). You get to build your vocabulary and stuff for free. The best part is it is corporate sponsored and for every question you get right the sponsors donate 5 grains of rice to charity. 5 grains doesn’t sound like a lot but after 100 questions you have 500 grains of rice! It’s really popular and you can join groups on there or track your progress alone. There are over 1,000 people playing so if each of them answers 100 questions that i 500,000 (I guess…) grains of rice! As you answer questions correctly the game ramps up and gives your harder questions. Once you hit your ceiling they kinda slack of a little so you are playing at your ability level.

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If you want to be around people, turn off the TV and computer and go outside!

This reminds me of the kids nowadays that email people all over the globe, but have never actually gone outside their house and made a friend.

Any place where there are people works, be it grocery store, shopping mall, on a neighbor hood walk, the library…anywhere you like being for while.

I met my second husband walking to the market. You just never know.

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Look up the comedian Louis ck on youtube. Play 1 dollar online poker games.

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I’ve mentioned the ed2go Pleasures of Poetry course too many times. I guess because it was a good experience for me.

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Cool - Had not seen this:

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