To crazy to care

Do you ever feel detached from what the public are interested in. Politics, pop culture, famous peoples lives.

Sometimes I feel I’m “to crazy to care” about what other people care about. It’s not a matter of empathy. I care emotional about even strangers, but very often i can’t understand their priorities.

I should be more interested in politics, it’s important, but all too often it’s a matter of style, media, branding, and other things that makes me sad.


I’m almost obsessed with it now. I don’t think I was crazy before I was crazy.

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I can relate to be “Crazy” or “insane” or “Mental ill.”

In my country, unfortunately, the political correct way to describe a person suffering from mental illness is: “emotional vulnerable”

I don’t want to be emotional vulnerable. Im insane. Compared to my obstacles i’m not at all vulnerable, but quite strong but “crazy”


tried to make a thread about what Im paranoid about but the mods haven’t approved it. Its like they were reading what I wrote as I typed it.

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Yeah, after they put me on drugs current events were oblitterated in my mind. I literally lived for 7 years without tv channels, radio or smartphone. I had a laptop but don’t remember caring to read the news or keeping up on current events.

I played poker online and watched dvd movies. Drugs made me totally apathetic.

Better now though. Lower dose of drugs and I am able to catch up on current events now and then.


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