Tired and worn out and sad

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. I’m sleeping for over half the day, I’m exhausted when I’m not sleeping, I’m frustrated, I’m crying all the time. I feel like my people connector is broken, that I can’t reach out and latch on. That I’m watching things people say to me fall into a deep dark pool, and I just watch the ripples. No response comes. I try to make myself say what I’m thinking, but I can’t plug in. Everyone seems so far away right now.

How do you handle it when interaction seems impossible?

I withdraw into my man-cave and listen to classical piano trios.

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I have dreams of delusions and delusions of dreams.

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You’re a ray of sunshine on this forum, @Rhubot

Don’t ever change, okay? :wink:


Hope you feel better :cake: :balloon:

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Love ya rhubes :blue_heart:

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I’ve been resting a lot due to the intense group therapy I go to. I leave at 7 am and get home at 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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I go thru this at times too. I try to forgive myself

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Oh no, not you!
You’ll feel better, just remember that.


aww hope you feel better miss @Rhubot you’re lovely in every way.
I know it’s gonna pass.

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Something was very wrong with yesterday…

I hope today is a new day for you, and me.
Love you rhuby! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thanks, guys. @twang, that sounds ideal. All I want to do right now is snuggle down in my bed until it passes.

@turningthepage, lol, that’s how I am all the time. I’ve been contemplating living in an elf village made of Legos for a few days now. I think some part of me believes it’s possible :scream_cat:

@astefano, this is probably similar to what’s happening for me. Lots of interaction required over the past week and a big family party on Friday. My people connector is probably down from overuse. Thanks for the perspective.

@Patrick, you are always so kind and funny. You really have a gift for pulling me up out of whatever mental quagmire I’ve stumbled into. You’re a treasure.

@Samp, @bluey, @minnii, @waterway, thanks so much. You all make everything seem brighter and more hopeful for me, every day. Let’s all agree to not have days like we’ve all been having lately anymore if we can avoid it.

@huckfinn, this is the best advice, and something I always forget to do. Thanks for reminding me. I think it’s the thing that will help me the most.

@Sarad, I really don’t know what’s been in the water lately. It’s awful. You and I are going to have a much better day today, I can sense it. No more getting carried away on rivers of our own tears. Love you love you!


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