Time of day vraylar insomnia

Hello fellow members just pondering read a review and a post on here take the vraylar at night to combat the insomnia. I’m taking it in the am right now and haven’t been sleeping. Will probably try taking it before bed. Much love


I take it before bedtime. It doesn’t mess with my sleep.

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Thanks @Speedy for the quick response! Most helpful. Have a great one

@Speedy can I ask what dose u take? Thanks man

I take 3 mg every night and sleep well.

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Wow thank you @Moonstruck

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I’m on (vraylar 1.5mg) and (zyprexa 20mg).

@anon28145038 what’s up brother. Ive came across some posts you say you got through vraylar insomnia? Can you touch on that. Lol sorry for bothering you :smiley:

@anon64158233 if you could please. Help with this vraylar :question: what time of day did you take it again sorry I think :thinking: lol no worries if you can’t if I’m mistaken

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Vraylar wasn’t the right med for me.

I think in me it CAUSED insomnia… and as such I’d always take it in the morning.

Nowadays I’m back on Haldol 20mg with a dash of Seroquel since sleep remains to be something I’m still looking at…

Thanks for the shout!!

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Thanks for chiming in @anon64158233 :zzz::zzz::zzz::smiley_cat:

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Just an update I’ve been on Seroquel 50 mg with the worst sleep ever. It mixing with the activating vraylar I don’t know but it knocks me out so far but when you wake up it’s like you’ve haven’t even slept then its the worst trying to go back to sleep so uncomfortable n crazy bad. Then I pop a vraylar I’m taking it in the morning for some reason n I feel good. It would be ashamed to lose vraylar cause I can’t sleep. I need a new sleep med that will knock me out. N maybe switch to taking vraylar at night :bridge_at_night: maybe elavil? Thanks forum :cowboy_hat_face:

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@falcon09 hello man what time of day do or did you take the vraylar? :zzz: Thanks! N sorry for bothering you

You are not bothering anybody! I take my vraylar before sleep. I don’t have issues with it.

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I took it at bedtime

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Any way @Dominic95 you can let me know when you took the vraylar? Thanks brother!

I’ve decided to quit the vraylar I couldn’t sleep one day on it and it’s been a month. Only when I drank half a bottle of zzzquil cough syrup 3 days then to Seroquel with the worst sleep imaginable. I’m switching!! Lol… It’s too bad it woulda been fun to be on vraylar.

Hi bangarang. I take the Vraylar in the morning. I find it a little too stimulating to take at night. Hope that helps!

Thanks @Dominic95 :partying_face::partying_face: