Tiktok, do you have it?

Do you have tik tok? what do you think about it?


I watch Tik Tok compilations on youtube, but I don’t use the app.
I find most of the videos mildly entertaining, a compilation is a good way to pass the time.

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i dont have it and i dont care


I have tiktok. I don’t make videos, but I enjoy all the artists on there.

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I down loaded it, but have not signed up yet

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I’ve heard of the Tik Tok app but never used it, signed up for it or watched it. I am too busy with work and cardiovascular exercise to spend time figuring out the Tik Tok app.

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My kids have it

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No thanks, I go on imgur though.

Yes and I find it hilarious and sometimes educational


its not like Im going to write 2:30 pm and pretend its that in my country…
Im in Denmark and there it is 7:30 Pm

@steffifan hi how are you … i came to know you are from india … i am from nepal … how are you … we need to talk a lot … bbat to banti hai yaar…

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11:25 11:44 and 12:31
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295 332
62 7
76 55
81 48
85 34
88 13
friday the 13 get lucky its now
no its wednesday the 13’th
what a day to get married
weddingsday the 13’th so close to friday 13 which is friday the 16’th next week

so what do I care…
4*4 is 16
44 88
16 44 88
a f j n p
ask for jesus not pilatus

time dk 9.44
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@Pikasaur @spiderpig


It might be an age thing , but having seen a fair amount of Tiktok clips on Twitter it comes over as a place for exhibitionists .


hi @far_cry0 how r u… i m fine. yes lets talk … baat to bilkul banti hai

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dm me. 15151151515151

My Niece got a suspension for a day off school because she updated a video of her and her friends dancing in school uniform. It’s a strict, religious school and they took offence to the kids wearing their uniforms…Not much fun but I’m 49 soon to be 50. Unless rock bands get on it I’m not using it.

Don’t have it, don’t want it, wouldn’t know what to do with it if it was forced on me. Something for kids and folks not concerned about privacy. Those kind of apps make me paranoid as all hell that the CIA or NSA backdoored the app.

so my game is that you write the local time to prove that you arent hiding as most schizos do. then post some random math and see what happens…

08.32 am 12/5

@steffifan send me dm …i cant cuz i am new …

I don’t get its purpose, why not just use YouTube if you want to share a video?