Tigers will be extinct soon thanks to humans

what do you think of the tigers?

i think they should be aloud to survive in the wild but poachers wont let them

in 10 or twenty years there will be none left

the Chinese use their bones and things for medicine and as they get rarer the price goes up

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It’s not just tigers. Stupid mankind is slowly wiping out different species and wildlife. Hell, species like sharks which you would assume are going to be around forever are slowly disappearing. And it’s not just sharks and tigers.


this is a list of endangered species


That list makes me very sad. Those species are becoming extinct solely as the result of stupidity, ignorance, and the cruelty of mankind.


I donate to world wildlife fund every year. :relaxed:

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I read there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild by a wide margin…

“thanks to humans”

“thanks to mankind”

speak for yourself

i had nothing to do with it, i don’t profit from building farms in their habitat

No more saltwater fish by 2048

This is horrible. It’s always upsetting to see that an animal–especially when it’s one of your favorites–is on the verge of extinction. I’ve always liked big cats when I was younger, especially leopards and tigers. Really sad that this is happening.

They say a lot of species are going extinct as a result of global warming. The polar bear is a prime example. Most species do become extinct after flourishing a certain amount of time. In the Great Lakes they are having the opposite problem with certain species of fish. They have taken over that ecosystem.

I have a friend who works in ecology. Climate changes are the biggest threat to a lot of species.

Tigers are magnificent creatures. It is a crying shame that these animals are on line because of mankind’s greed and superstition.

I wonder if there is a count of how many animals humans have killed off…I can think of 2 or 3 moa and the dodo…both big dumb stupid birds who lived on smaller islands…possibly the tazmanian tiger…but that one seems to pop up every so often…

i love the tigers and its sooo heartbreaking that we as a super race (apparently) allow this kind of thing to happen. im so passionate about it like the elephants and the rhino they cant defend themselves at all and its soo terryfying that we can do this xx

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Why are humans so awful?

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